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About Me

Niki as a person

* What I most value / find important: *

  • Openness

  • Integration

  • Self - knowledge, life - knowledge, awareness, consciousness

  • honesty, transparency

  • Creativity - Outside the box

  • Curiosity

  • Here & now

  • Mutuality

  • Free flow / exchange of energy

  • Freedom

  • Paradoxes:)

  • Deep conversations

  • Experimenting

  • Conscious, green, natural life

  • Sustainable well-being

  • Health (aiming to extend my life; I don't drink nor smoke, and consider myself a Flexible vegan (#1 zero-waste, & preferably gluten-free))

  • Constantly improving myself (LLL.) & thereby making my direct environment better, which also affects my indirect environment...


My passions include:

traveling, dancing, writing, flowing...


* My vision: *
[on it ;) & ready to get improved]

- being a: Life Artist & Poet
( click: BaNiQueeN & a great, effective, transformative coach & trainer,
working independently & with collabs (on projects) too (+ fan of joint ventures) - both online&offline;
Half local - half digital nomad - with 1-2 bases.

& eventually opening a sustainable well-being holistic retreat center, w. a vegan plant farm & 2 horses. + hammocks.
@ a cheap & green & warm (not too hot) & safe spot (- got a top list of places I'd like to live in).

- Would also like to explore communes & van life for a while before settling.
- aim @ Living each day, each moment in alignment with my values amap.
(Areté : living with virtue)

* My pre-primary (basis of/above all) commitment is to Life/Self.

& What gets me through some events is thinking: this is also consciousness having this particular human experience (through me)...
& also, effectively applying solution focused questions coaching myself. :)


* My Ideal Day: *

- Universal needs met in flexible ways
(check: Maslow / T. Robbins / non-violent communication)
- Holistic in a way it involves/integrates all 4 levels/dimensions/aspects :
[hereby I list my preferred ways; non-extensive list]

1. physical [HIIT/tabata exercise + stretching; yoga; letting to in dancing; hot sex; hugs/cuddles, grounding @ wonderful nature...]

2. mental [intellectual stimulation via. learning / deep discussion / thinking, writing (poems, blog), being productive, putting puzzle pieces together & finally understanding yet another riddle of existence, observing & analyzing myself & people, exploring & creating, ideas, questioning "defaults" & re-programming...]

3. emotional [practicing self love; choosing love over fear, free flowing (+) energy, support, encouragement, enthusiasm, warmth, making love in various ways, connecting, feeling, cultivating win-win-win relationships: nurturing presence & keep our common contract with each other updated...]

4. spiritual [meaning/purpose(?); really feeling into how I am "consciousness having this particular human experience"; meditation, healing, being present - here&now; connecting with myself and loved ones + getting into action together (doing exercises/practices/rituals), visualizing, moving forward in my conscious evolution & growing towards my orienting aim/s of what I find "optimal" for my life]


* some of my fav. sentences: *

  1. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

  2. Keep Questioning.

  3. Equifinality :) [= in open systems a given end state can be reached by many potential means.

  4. It’s not this or that, rather a spectrum of possibilities.

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