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Me as a coach

Helping You Move Forward


I walk the path of becoming a holistic healer beyond psychology and coaching.
I aim to inspire and support people (including myself:) towards dynamic balance, harmonywholesomeness and integration, deepening self knowledge, opening up & connecting, getting in touch with themselves & others (in any form of relationship, including alternative styles, e.g. polyamory ;).

I do online & offline 1-on-1 sessions, groups, workshops  -  in English and Hungarian.



I am a certified solution-focused brief coach & behavior analyst.  I also hold certifications from various trainings.
This gives me a foundation to creatively merge my unique set of methods and approaches tailored to the individual, couple, or group I’m working with, including various elements from:

- Psychodrama, Somatodrama
- Drawing Analysis
- Gestalt & Humanistic Approach
- Haptonomy
- Transaction Analysis
- Schema Theory
- Eriksonian Development Model, 4D Model
- Clean Language
- Non-Violent Communication
- Meditation
- Shamanic Practices & Herbalism



Creating a safe, accepting, non-judgmental atmosphere is the base of a good coach-client relationship.


During sessions I note my impressions in a stream of consciousness style, being present, interfering the least possible while also advancing the process with open questions (using open questions (where necessary) to advance the process, encourage further thought).  
I reflect back to you as a mirror to help you understand yourself better, find your stable inner core even in the midst of chaos. I hold space for you as you’re reaching in - and so you’ll gain more capacity to reach out, too.
Together we can dig as deep as you want - but instead of the psychoanalytical aim of finding your blocks and defects, we shoot for your positive reference points and resources to aid in moving forward and building solutions, bridges between you and your chosen outcomes.

We can also do practical exercises and I can provide you with homework/challenges/tools if you’re up for that.

A session lasts 45-60 or 90 minutes, and we can agree to do a double session depending on need.
Your process is way more important to me than the clock ticking.

Testimonials / References:


"The psychological expertise of Niki Balogh is clear to me. She not only knows the classical and modern psychological theories and models, but she can put them into a new context and implement them. She is constantly building this psychological toolbox and incorporates new methods and elements to work with clients in order to connect with her clients in the most personalized way. That's how it happened, too, when I was her client. Whatever subject I turned to her with, I became enriched with new strategies and techniques I could take home. In addition to concrete, tangible results, she also supported me every time to reassure my solution-focused approach. "

Lilla Kertész, organizational psychologist, coach

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