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Empower Yourself With CoRe

Reach Your CoRe & Transform

We all experience hardships, and it's up to us to uncover their value and turn them into starters for a new chapter even more abundant in positive experiences.

I am a certified, continously improving Life Coaching Professional with a background in psychology and several methods, tools used in creatively personalized, unique ways. 


My mission is to support you in whatever we agree upon, unleash your resources, tap into your core potential and provide you a secure space and tools to grow, evolve, develop...

When You feel like experiencing the blissful effects of solution focused holistic coaching:
I'm looking forward to do my best to support you closer and closer towards your best self & positive vision, make sure that you get your ideal outcome of each session (online & offline).

Solution-Focused Holistic Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

Life Coaching Session

Career Coaching Session

Whatever you’re dealing with, I am here to help you achieve your goals and drive you closer to your vision. Contact me to find out more.

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Find Out More About Me

Your next little step:

Just reach out & we'll take it from there.

You've made it this far -- Congrats on taking it just a bit further already by considering reaching out to someone who can help you advance.

How can I support you?  

  Feel free to contact me now (EN/HU) quick to schedule a session (online/in-person). We'll begin by clarifying your best hopes from our time together so that it's beneficial & worth it for you.

 Looking forward to our win-win-win arrangement. :)

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© 2018 by Niki Balogh @ CoRe

© 2018 by Niki Balogh @ CoRe

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© 2018 by Niki Balogh @ CoRe

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